Street Photography


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This body of work was created between 1978 and 1983 after Fred Leavitt returned to Chicago from Florida.  His years in Florida photographing and studying the wetlands gave him a new perspective of his native Chicago.  He saw the city as a part of nature like an ant hill or bee hive and set about photographing it with a sense of wonder.  The photographs he made shows man in harmony with the environment he created.  The photographer acted as an observer.  He documented a scene without interfering or controlling.  The photographs are all full frame, real life, without retouching or manipulation.

In 1984 Jannes Art Publishing reproduced 87 photographs in continuous tone lithography on archival paper to produce the ground breaking book Fred Leavitt's Chicago.  The award winning book serves as a catalog for the limited edition prints offered by Fred Leavitt Inc.

The 11x14 silver prints are mounted and matted on white archival board, numbered and signed. The edition is limited to 150 prints.   All the prints come with a lifetime guarantee and will be repurchased  by the artist, or his estate, at the original price at any time.


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