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.Heartland Cultural Alliance, dedicated to promoting the
art & culture of Highlands County, Florida

Highlands County Emergency Operations Center. This site is designed to change in an emergency!

genesis digital art

The Surgical Center of Central Florida, this unique site is full of personality.
be sure to eheck out the Financial, Staff pages and Staff links.

Florida Art Services Providing marketing tools for artists and craftsmen. A fun and pretty site, easy to navigate and to the point. A clean, simple, quick, no frills, custom design.

Spas, Plools & Patio's site is both pretty and an effective markiting tool. is about helping people who have lost a pet. It offers bereavement counseling, memorial services, animal chaplains and promotes animal rights.

Sun'n Lake Improvement District, an inviting, easy to navagate government web site.

The Primal Connection, World Rhythm Percussion Ensemble and
not-for-profit organization has a site with music and lots of custom animation.

Elfers & Elfers, home builders with a new class 'A" site that has impact .

Stewarts Mobile Village, RV repairs, parts, service and park.

This page is dedicated to web sites I have found to be inspiring, useful, fun, or otherwise noteworthy.
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HAL STOWERS A remarkable environmental artist that uses a variety of media to capture the life
and spirit of the Florida landscape, and beyond. This site falls into the inspiring category
PIXIPORT.COM If you are a digital artist or photographer and/or love the art form this is the place to
visit. You will find the best galleries, featured artists, an E-magizine, discussion forum and much more
. This exceptional site will bring you right into the heart of whats going on in the
new art form of digital imaging. The history of this art is being made today and Tony Vengraitis
is a part of it. The links on his site are a treasure of knowledge and inspiration. Also, don't miss
the links on his 'Background' page. If you are interested in art for insperation or a painting to match the colors of your sofa
you will find it on this extensive on line gallery. Bradely University offers another window on what is
being done with this new art form that utilizes a camera and digital technology.

ARTNEW.COM This is the best link to use to find art galleries, Museums, artists, and art news in Florida., KwMap is the place to go if you are seeking key words for your web site

The following links should prove use full to the Central Florida, and beyond, drumming community .

http:// Jim Greiner has been named 'Drum Facilitator of the Year' by Drum!
magazine's reader poll. There is a reason. Take a look at his site and get his video, you will be a better drummer for it.
This a site that communicates the spirit of community drumming.
It also has a killer Calendar of Events for the Central Florida drum circle community. This a great site to learn about shamanic (healing powers)
and Native American drumming. Be sure to check out the introduction to the Drumming Circles page

Drummers drum to the dancers, dancers dance to the drummers.this
poetry of rhythm is universal and goes back to our origin. To learn
about the dance scene in Central Florida is to know about
Enlightment Dance. Click on the image and enjoy.