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Seven Days of Creation







21st century technology reaches back to the beginning of time to produce the first of its kind in a photographic essay depicting the Seven Days of Creation. Fred Leavitt, artist and photographer, shot hundreds of rolls of film, traveled 25,000 miles in forty states and spent over 2,000 hours on the computer to produce this body of work. The project took approximately one year to complete. The text used in the creation of this digital art series was taken from the King James Version of the Bible, Genesis, Chapter I. The subject matter of the Seven Days of Creation has been and is a timeless source of inspiration to millions throughout the centuries and around the world.

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Explanation of the Days

Day One begins with God's spirit moving over an empty sphere made up of nebulae and space gas. In Day Two God is separating the waters from the waters, creating the earths circulatory system. The firmament, in the midst of the waters is called Heaven (Gen. 1:8), and the eyes in the firmament represent the angels watching over us. The apple in Day Three is a display of all natural beauty in plant life, food producing foliage, and the potential for disobedience. It represents God's care for us, and our own, willful self-destruction. The beauty and mystery of a 24-hour span of time is present in Day Four where the actual effects of night and day are shown on each side of the mountain. Day Five The photographs of the whales, sea life and winged fowl illustrate God's artistry and abundance in nature. Day Six uses the most symbolism. The three primary colors symbolize the Trinity, casting a light over each section and showing that the Trinity was present in its entirety. The right hand side using red light represents God the Father. The blue light is God the Son, and the left green light represents God the Holy Spirit. Inside man is the shape of woman to illustrate that woman was made from man, but that both were present on Day Six. The two human figures are standing in the cross shape under the blue light of God the Son, representing God's provision for The Fall even before it took place. The snake represents the Fall. The lamb in the forefront represents Jesus the Lamb of God provision for the Fall. The butterfly represents the action of being born again through Christ into God's eternal family. Day Seven shows a completed Sphere, with man being the center of God's creation. The hand above the sphere illustrates God blessing the Earth over all other matter in the universe. He has ceased to create, as everything that is needed to sustain the creation on earth is present. The blue light surrounding the Earth represents God's sanctification of the Seventh Day.

The Technology

Fred Leavitt took all of the individual photographs to make up this series with the exception of two photos that were taken of him by his wife. Fred worked over 1,400 hours on this project. He traveled for eight months around the country taking pictures and combining them digitally in a special office built for him in his motorhome. The photographs were made on film and scanned. The images were then manipulated using Adobe Photoshop 5.0.

Mr. Leavitt used his ability as a photographer as a starting point and then added another dimension. By using his imagination and divine inspiration, he manipulated the digitized photographs into a new art form. The collection is limited to 150 sets. The collection of seven signed and numbered prints uses special dyes and archival paper, and is produced on a special printer. Each print is hand pulled by the artist and guaranteed to last over two centuries.

About the Artist

Fred Leavitt is an award-winning photographer of 35 years [background], whose work is found in museums across the country, including the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida, and the Santa Barbara Museum in California. Fred also has work in the Vatican collection in Rome. He has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and has been featured in a number of magazines and newspapers on a regular basis, including National Geographic, Look, and Life.

Mr. Leavitt has three books in publication, Fred Leavitt's Chicago, Pullman Portrait of a Landmark Community, and is the illustrator for Lies People Believe About Animals (Susan Sussman, author).

Concluding comment by Fred's wife Gail. Fred's expert photographic eye and whimsical outlook on life has brought us directly into the creation itself. Many artists have illustrated the Bible in other mediums and now Fred presents it in digital imaging.


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