Your Artesian spa experience begins with unparalleled design, merging elegance and functionality to bring you the very best in spa enjoyment. The ergonomically designed seating gives you maximum comfort and enjoyment. .

Looking for a spa can be a daunting experience. You want to know that you are getting value for your money. At Artesian, we ensure that you get the best possible value by producing bar none the highest quality spas available today

This is the true test of a top quality spa. The performance of an Artesian spa is unmatched in the industry. Our spas have up to 58 jets to target every part of your body, leaving no area unattended.

All the performance in the world can be wasted if it’s not done efficiently. You won’t find a more efficient spa anywhere else. Our pumps use as few as .6 amps to operate, greatly reducing the cost while maintaining unmatched power. No other spa can operate so cost effectively than an Artesian Spa.

How do all these features come together? Perhaps the greatest benefit of owning a spa is hydrotherapy, the combination of heat, buoyancy and water massage. Hydrotherapy has been shown to be incredibly helpful in reducing stress, natural relief of back pain and arthritis, improving digestion, and the health of diabetes sufferers.

How confident are we that Artesian spas are the best around? Our warranties are unmatched. Read the fine print, go over it with a comb, you will not find hidden clauses, co-pays, opt-outs and pro-rated plans, nor are our warranties purchased by a third party insurer. Our confidence in our product is reflected in our unbeatable factory direct support.

Spa Pools & Patio also offers custom installation of Artesian hot tubs and spas.