PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is one of the most versatile plastics in use today.  All our frames are constructed with “furniture grade” PVC pipe and fittings which have qualities such as impact modifiers and ultraviolet ray inhibitors.  These impact modifiers add strength to the pipe, making it “bang-proof” while the UV inhibitors protect the PVC from the damaging rays of the Florida sun.  Casualine furniture will not rust, corrode, chip or peel.

Our furniture is factory direct from the largest manufacturer of PVC pipe furniture in the country.  Unique style, quality and service at outstanding prices make our product package second to none.  Compare our prices, then consider these unique features and you’ll see why our PVC Pipe furniture is such an outstanding value.

We offer the traditional white color as well as putty, which is a soft, off-white, or creamy color pipe for the frames and tables.  We have about 250 different fabrics for you to choose from, either in cushion-style or sling-style furniture.  We have a wide variety of pieces to choose from, including chairs, recliners, chaise loungers, gliders, ottomans, sofas, umbrellas, tables and lamps.  We’ve also been known to customize certain pieces to fit the user.  I.E.  We’ll raise an entire chaise lounger so the user with knee or hip issues can easily get out of the furniture.  We also have a custom cushion department, which can make new cushions for your existing furniture.  With so much to choose from, you can custom order your selection and have it exactly the way you want it, or choose something off the showroom floor and have immediate delivery.