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At Fred Leavitt Inc. your web site is designed from the buttons up to reflect what is special about you. It starts with an artists eye and the understanding that a web site is a medium like no other. It is not an ad, brochure, TV or radio commercial. It imparts information and creates an identity in a new way. It can employ pictures, words, animation, colors and sound.

Your business or organization is unique. It has its own personality and image. This is a good thing and it should come through in your web site.

All to often web sites are static and designed to templates. You are forced into a mold and your uniqueness is lost.

A good web site should be informative, interesting, interactive and load fast. It should be well dressed, tailored and unique onto you. After all the whole world is watching.

Fred Leavitt Inc. can provide whatever is needed to build the web site that demonstrates what is special about you.

Another very importaint aspect to the success of your site is how it is ranked by search engines. Sites on the first page of a search engine return receive much higher traffic then other pages with the same search term. Web positioning companies charge thousands of dollars to get their clients on the first page. This service costs only $250 when Fred Leavitt designs your site.

Enuf said. Take a look at two recent sites developed by
Fred Leavitt Inc.

Griffins Carpet Mart Tried DEX first and lost his name and had no ranking. Now he he has a beautiful site that is Numbet One on Google under Griffins Carpet Mart.

Art Services First page placement for "art services in Florida on Google, Number 1 on Yahoo is dedicated to pet loss counseling and memorial services for animals. It is another example of a site optomized for search engine placement. It rankes number one on Google and Yahoo for "animal chaplins florida" out of 263,000 entries

Spa Pools and Patio is another example of site designed by Fred Leavitt Inc that is on ranked #2 on the first page of Yahoo for the search term "spa sales central florida" There are 4,980,000 pages competing for first page placement for that search term.!

And then there is which rankes #1 on both Yahoo and Google for "drum therapy florida" & "corporate drum circle facilitators florida" against 1,120,00 trying for first page placement. There are others..

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