The PRIMAL CONNECTION FOUNDATION a world rhythm percussion ensemble and not-for-profit educational organization comes to Sebring. Click image to learn about the organization dedicated to using the drum in the healing arts, as a cross disciplinary educational tool and as a way to improve cultural relations. Also CALENDAR of Primal Events.



Medical research is now proving what has been known for ages. Drumming is good for you, physically and spiritually.

Recent studies are also showing that the healing powers of the drum are no myth. Alzheimer, Parkinsons, stroke, stress, and addictions are just a few of the ailments that drumming is proving effective in treating.

Educators are discovering the drum usefull as a cross-disciplinary educational tool. It is being used to teach math, history. english, geography and other subjects.

Least we forget, drumming brings people of all kinds together to make a joyous sound, and it is just plain fun to do.
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Current story: The Primal Connection is awarded a 501(c)(3) status. Check it out.
Fred Leavitt, A man and his drum.
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